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Komplex, férfiaknak szánt formula, pénisz és potencia növelő hatással
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Korean Ginseng A study published in the Journal of Urology, a medical field that deals with the various problems of the urinary and reproductive systems, said that the use of Korean Ginseng was proven to increase the thickness and hardness of the penis, as well as increasing the sexual satisfaction of its users. What is more important is that the study was conducted on men who had erectile dysfunction problems. If it can do this with men who are sexual dysfunctional, just imagine what it can do for you.Butea Superba Many competitors qualify their claims by saying that their formula does not work on all men for one reason or another. When you choose Prosolution, there is a medical clinical trial that proves Butea Superba works in 82.5 percent of all men. Think of it as batting 82.5. The Asian Journal of Androl documented this result in 2003, where men with various sexual dysfunctionalities were examined and showed a significant improvement in sexual interest and sexual function.


Solidilin While many manufacturers want to keep their ingredient list natural and simple, there is no reason to think that a trademarked creation such as Solidilin should be excluded. The reason is that it contains a natural chemical in the body, L-Dopa, that is known to dramatically increase the pleasurable feelings men have during sex. A company trademarked the ingredient, yet made it available and approved its use in male enhancement pills. A study by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Malaysia supports both its inclusion and use in Prosolution.


Drilizen One consistent fact about penis enhancement from strictly a biological view is that a chemical naturally produced by the body, nitric oxide, is essential for a man to get an erection. Drilizen is a compound that increases nitric oxide levels in the body, as well as boosting testosterone levels, resulting in greater firmness and control.


Cordycyps Like Butea Superba, there is a scientifically measured success rate of using this ingredient to improve male sexual performance. For Cordycyps, that rate of success is 62 percent – at a minumum. While it does not boast the success of Butea Superba, it is certain to improve the sex drive in more than 6 of 10 men who use Prosolution.


Curculigo It should not surprise you that this ingredient was used exclusively as an aphrodisiac years ago. Men in Asia regularly used Curculigo successfully to improve the quality of their erection and reduce the time needed to get ready for the next session.


* Figyelem! Az általunk forgalmazott étrend-kiegészítő termékek nem alkalmasak betegségek kezelésére, gyógyítására és azok megelőzésére. A megadott termékjellemzők és hatások egyéntől függően változhatnak, azokat vizsgálatok nem igazolják, csak tájékoztató jellegűek, hatásuk leírása vásárlói visszajelzések alapján történik! Az étrend-kiegészítő termékek recept nélkül kaphatóak. Szükség esetén konzultáljon kezelő orvosával! 18 éves kor alatt ne szedje a készítményeket! A termék használata során mért méretnövekedés mértéke nem megállapított, hatására nem bizonyított.

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